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i SPOKE WITH A MANAGER who was of no use in clearing up the situation he simple told me to reorder my items but I would lose the 30 percent of each item.

Bull shit I tried calling the head office and that number is linked to there customer service number who the hell can you call and complain to when there service stinks!

Forever 21 was founded in 1984 by current CEO Do Won Chang and his wife Jin.

Sook Chang The store was originally called Fashion 21 and targeted middle-aged women.

Call customer service over 4 times and got a different answer from each one. I had to contact my bank and request it be charge back. I was told by two of them that I was going to receive a call within 24-48 hours from the manager. I did receive the call 3 days later from a supervisor named Chris who didn’t care about my issue and/or the resolution.

He kept sending me off to on track shipping who I have contacted multiple times and they informed me they couldn’t do anything to help me as Forever 21 had to give them authorization to pick up the package and redeliver it to the right address.

Without thinking I did not confirm the advertise price with the price in my cart. She attempted to pay for her items with a gift card. The other gift card I counldn’t produce as it was a birthday gift my daughter received from a friend back home in Arizona. One of the gift cards, the one I had the receipt for, he was able to issue a new one. That’s when the attitude and dismissive behavior began.

Than I ended up paying full price for some items that was advertised on sale. Reply My daughter shopped in store #1058, Queens Center, on December 29,2017 at pm. The cashier told her the gift card did not have sufficient funds. He started to question my daughter’s story and how many gift cards she had.Why post an head office number if you can’t get to who you need 1 213 741-8257 I want answers can someone contact me via email regarding the problem Regards Merna (FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER) Reply Unpleased with customer service.I called 10/30/17 for a package not received, to hear that they had a “shipping problem” and they my order will need to be canceled.Moreover I haven’t received the package…they have stole money from me and did NOTHING to correct it!Reply I have been employed at a Forever21 for a little over a month or so, and I have yet to see any paycheck.low prices, but not all the time…just on sale pieces!!!