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Also maybe that his work should have been more consistent from a time perspective.

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He already draws all his boys as little girls and likes making "censored" versions for seemingly no reason.Might as well make a female version while he's at it to appeal to everyone.Sorry I kind of had the bitrate a little too high so the filesize is kinda big. Yo -8, you know that Shantae: Half-Genie Hero just released yesterday, righto?If you're not one of those to do fanart of the game they've not played...Not to mention that penalty for distributing illegal porn has increased very much so these years.

Because of this, I'd say ㅡ8 is acting very rationally changing his blog so often. At this point if it freaks him out so much maybe he should just stop?I'm really happy it hasn't discouraged him. So apparently you can still see the last posts on his tumblr through your dashboard, if you were following nega8tive before it was deactivated. I know that this thread is (mostly) about minus8 flashes and loops, however not a long before deleting his last tumblr he posted some really simple, useful and funny tips for animation using two separate boy and girl loops. Once again you keep trying to respond shit for him.He was upset that people were trying to make him be more positive, and said it was impossible (probably a joke based on his name). And I haven't saved them and can't find anywhere anymore. He never said he didn't want his tumblr pages posted here.He had a Soup too, but now all that's on it is a post that says "how i delete this soup" I think he just doesn't like the pressure that his popularity brings. If for no other reasons than he seems to have difficulty with western fans in particular.His first Tumblr deletion was in response to western fans criticizing one of his drawings as some form of plaigerism, I think.Also I'm pretty sure he doesn't do the remixes himself, he just finds them and uses them in his flashes.