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As she returned to the table and saw me talking to my new friend she asked what was up.I explained to her what he wanted to do for her and she started getting extremely nervous because she had never seen anything like that before and then went on to say that besides, there were way too many people there for her to sit through something like that.As our eyes adjusted to the light we could see off to one side that there were 2 gals at a table and one of them was getting a pretty intense lapdance and I could tell that F was definitely interested in one of her own.

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As it happens we came across "The Unisex Club" and it advertised live sex shows.I asked her if she would like to see how the other half lived and to my surprise she agreed.My wife has always been kind of shy but she was starting to loosen up as we continued to sample all that was available to us.She has never been a prude but she has never taken the initiative to start anything either.As we entered the place I told to her that she should be "nice " to all the people she'd meet here and that it looked like a place we could have fun at if she did.

She didn't answer me but she didn't bolt for the door either so I took that to be a good sign.

" From that point on things were just a blur, after a few seconds/minutes whatever I look over and she is sitting on his lap and she is trying to get his cock in her pussy, and as I look over she sees me and smiles and then she says something to him.

He turns and sees me and with a big grin he hands me her panties and yells at me that she wants me to hold to them for her.

As she left the table a very young male dancer, built like a body builder came to me and suggested that F would really enjoy a lap dance from him and assured me that she would get her moneys worth.

F&I are no spring chickens but she has always looked young for her age and has managed to keep herself if good shape.

The dancer returned and as soon as I told him she was ready for his dance he went right to work.