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ID, which promised to identify porn stars through reverse image lookup, fell foul of these laws. ID had trained its neural network on upwards of 650,000 images of more than 7,000 female adult performers.

We never did find out if those performers had agreed to having their biometrics scanned so as to train a neural network.

Heath Ahrens, the founder of, told Buzz Feed that it was “news to me” and that he didn’t see a problem: Ahrens also said that he and his team are “having … He compared the app to the airline industry-disrupting Expedia or Priceline.Instead of “name your own price,” it’s “name your own face”. For a while there, I assumed it had something to do with Anguilla, the British territory in the Caribbean whose internet country code top-level domain is .ai, which led me to think that maybe Anguilla has different laws about facial recognition technology than here in the US.The head of at least one such app, Stealth Genie, was indicted for selling spyware in October 2014.I reached out to to ask if the developers are aware of laws that criminalize facial recognition without consent; what steps, if any, they’ve taken or could take to ensure that their app isn’t used by abusers to stalk current or ex partners; and for a comment on the need to protect people’s privacy and their right to freely associate without being surveilled. Follow @Naked Security Follow @lisavaas Lisa has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995.The term “Dating Scam” is now becoming common place in newspaper headlines all over the world but are you aware of all the types of scams that exist?

Did you know there are some dating scams that you will not lose any money or others that can threaten your entire business and personal life?

In one instance, under pressure from Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Facebook disabled facial recognition in Europe: recognition that it was doing so without user consent.

So yes, depending on where you live, there are laws against facial recognition without consent.

This allows the blackmailer to simply drag and drop your picture into a Google Image Search and it will reveal all the websites that you have used the same image.

They will then know all your friends, family members and work colleagues.

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