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The class provides an analytical understanding of the unique characteristics of serial criminals and the methodologies used to commit their crimes. CSCE Graduate Restrictions This course applies psychological theories, principles, and research to issues of concern to the criminal justice system with a special focus on the intersection of the mental health and criminal justice systems. CSCE Graduate Restrictions This course will provide a broad introduction to the critical challenges of disaster management.

The course will address past and present strategies for reducing and responding to hazards posed by both manmade and natural disasters. Special attention is focused on right-wing militias, religious extremists, racial supremacist/hate groups, and extreme environmental and animal rights groups.

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Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program complete a total of 11 courses (33 credits).The core curriculum consists of five required courses dealing with theory, research, scholarship, quantitative analysis and criminal justice administration.With UMass Lowell's Online Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, professionals in law enforcement, security and corrections are finding it more convenient than ever to pursue their master's degree while continuing to work.The University of Massachusetts Lowell, well-known for its high-quality Criminal Justice programs, offers a broad range of classes in leadership, administrative and management skills in crisis and emergency management, public policy, crime analysis, forensic psychology and terrorism.The course will provide the tools (operational and statistical) and technology required to mitigate these risks. This course provides a comprehensive overview of homeland security and defense as undertaken in the United States since 9/11.

A second purpose of the course is to examine and critically discuss current and future methods to create best practices in security management. The course critically examines the current body of knowledge with a specific focus on understanding security threats, sources, and reasons for these threats."When I decided to pursue my master's degree, UMass Lowell's program appealed to me because of the convenience of taking courses online.I have a young family and work full-time and it made it more convenient for me to earn a graduate degree at this stage in my life." *Note: A larger selection of elective courses is available with courses held on-campus and at corporate locations, for those students who are interested in taking a mix of on-campus and online courses.Call 978-934-4106 or send an email to CJGrad [email protected] the extended list of on-campus courses.Additional electives may be available online at a later date. To be recommended for a University of Massachusetts Lowell master's degree, candidates must satisfy all of the general requirements below, plus any additional requirements that may be required by the department through which the program is offered.Students choose another six courses from a list of electives, allowing them to focus their studies on areas that are best suited to their own particular career goals and objectives.