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This one is a little different, in that it is an editor, it only works on video you import into it and has no method of recording using the device camera at all.It includes a dozen effects, masks and filters, including a very nice 8mm effect that you can combine with others to get some really outstanding looks for your videos.However, whilst that is an obvious restriction, there are many upsides to compensate.

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A really high quality app here, again, it includes many effects in addition to the super 8 look, but this one goes a step or two further, adding in the ability to emulate camera shake as well as scratch and dirt damage to create some fantastic effects.

With a choice of lenses including a fisheye and an eye catching interface this one is simply a pleasure to use.

A very professional app that looks and feels special to use, and produces some great looking video to go with it.

This is another fine app, a great rendition of Super 8 that can be applied to both video and still images, along with a selection of over 20 others, it provides a great way to get the retro look that is so popular today.

The app includes 5 decade themed presets that not only give you that nice old school look when recorded, it works in real time, and shows a preview of what the video will look like as you are recording.

As well as those presets, you can adjust the effects within the app to create new looks that match precisely what you want.A little restricted on resolution and not as stunning as 8mm in terms of the final effect, nevertheless it is a comprehensive and easy to use app.This is the IOS version of the app that appeared in our Android list, here it presents the same, in app purchase based additional presets, with a slightly better looking 8mm effect that is included with the app.One of the biggest changes that we have seen from the revolution in mobile technology is the huge increase in the number of videos both recorded and consumed, with ever more sophisticated recording technology along with an insatiable market for viewing them through the various social media platforms, video is not only here to stay, its taking over.With all this video, it follows that people want ways to make theirs stand out, and with Instagram and so on making the retro look for images very much in fashion, it is no surprise to see the trend travel across to the video platform as well, with all sorts of apps to give the retro, 8mm cine camera look to your clips, here we will have a look at the best 8mm Video Apps for both IOS and Android.Again, it can be applied to stills as well and there are numerous other user configurable filters that can be added onto the video or stills such as scratches and spots.