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The T&LLG can also be placed in the hammer hooks to ensure a clean trigger let-off.

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Drew had a trouble free shoot for his gun in these extreme conditions, allowed by the performance lubrication provided by Gun Butter.

Gun Butter is for all types of metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic, and plastic-to-plastic mechanisms’.

The championship experienced extreme conditions, it was snowing and blowing one day, latter raining, and subsequent days experienced swirling blowing dust clouds.

Drew attributes part of his ability to perform consistently and win to his confidence in his gun using Gun Butter.

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Apply a mono micro layer of the oil occasionally to the entire leaf spring surfaces; to ensure a useful service length and lack of deterioration due to the elements. On a cylindrical hammer springs system; a dab will ensure consistency and life.

On a Perazzi type, firing pin set-up a dab on the sides of the pins will ensure consistence and lack of wear.

To remove debris or containments in the light’s treads: Clean the threads by wrapping a cotton cloth around the male threads and unscrewing the light from the cloth counter-clockwise several revolutions.

A Q-tip may be used on the female threads; starting at the bottom of the treads and turning the light barrel clockwise while hold the Q-tip steady.

Our “Team Gun Butter” had experienced lubrication failures or dry gun conditions while using virtually every type of lubrication product available on the market.