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Today, Alain’s son, David-Alexandre, works with him.

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Philippe’s vines rest upon the gentle slopes that rise up from the Lot River.

He farms sixty hectares of land along the alluvial terraces of the Lot Valley that are rich in siliceous, clay, and limestone soils.

In the cellar they consider themselves observers, letting the character of the land express itself freely and encouraging the greatest possible elegance and finesse in all of their wines.

The bright and talented Alain Gallety began making wine in the Côtes du Vivarais alongside his father. They built a state-of-the-art winery, constructed right into the hillside below their high-altitude vineyards.

Today, the blend consists of 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot, creating an intense wine that juggles elegant rusticity with everyday drinkability.

Coutale has quite a record of age-worthiness as well and Philippe is not afraid to pull out older vintages of his wines alongside much more expensive Bordeaux. Nothing beats a bécasse or cassoulet with an old Coutale, but a simple steak fits the bill just fine.

Several years later in the mid 1970s, with a promising career on the mainland, the Corsican independence movement exploded with violent confrontations between nationalists and French government forces, leaving Antoine stunned.

In his shock and anger, he moved back to the family farm and decided to reverse the trend and remain on the land, as his own form of protest.

Although these hills mirror those of the Côtes-du-Rhône on the opposite bank of the river, the Côtes du Vivarais was only recently awarded A. Though the Galletys reside here, making their exquisite blends with pride, determination, and focus, their minds are frequently traveling to other regions in France, where they are closely studying the methodologies and techniques of their contemporaries. To grow the quality of grapes he wants, he farms his fifteen hectares of vineyards organically, as he has done since the early 80’s.

To best insure freshness, he has installed top-loading, hatch doors over their gravity-fed , so that the grapes go exactly where they need to immediately following the harvest—bypassing the cellar completely to begin their fermentation.

Antoine Arena, like most Corsicans of his generation, grew up in a family that earned a modest living working the land on an island largely unknown to the outside world.