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She sabotaged several of my relationships in high school, and I had to fight to attend a college that was far enough away that she couldn't stop in unexpectedly and get in my way when I wanted to score. During my first few months as a Freshman they helped me hook up several times. I stopped stroking and cranked the water to ice-cold. I toweled off, went back to my bedroom, and laid down. As you come in on the right, there's the sink, mirror, and toilet. " and turned towards the noise, simultaneously backing away. "That's okaaayyy," she stretched the word, "I didn't lock the door, so it's kinda my fault, you know? I awkwardly got myself up, unleashed the beast, pointed it at the toilet, and peed. Last night was the first time she's let me inside her in a while. " "Yes, I want to fuck her..." "You want to feel Mommy's pussy wrapped around your big boy dick?The girl who took my virginity was a senior name Gail. She'd tell me what a nasty boy I was, wanting to fuck my Mom. I gasped and planted my cock in the middle of the spray. I put in some earbuds and went to sleep to a white noise track. The back of my knees hit the toilet and I sat down hard enough to hurt a bit. (It's a big tub) Her long red hair was put up and she'd sat up as I shuffled in. The crook of an elbow hid one nipple, her palm hid another. It took a few seconds for the stream to get started. The hot water felt so good after a night of frustration like I had. I tried *really* hard to fuck you on your eighteenth birthday. I made her make up for the fact that she got in the way of me taking *this*," she leaned forward and wrapped her hand around my cock, "inside me." "You wanna fuck your Aunt Jenny, don't you Ryan? " "So much, I want it so much..." She let go of my cock and sat back in the tub, suddenly lifting herself partway out of the water.

"Thank you," she grinned as she took the butter dish from my trembling hand, biting her lower lip as she watched my struggle to turn my eyes in a direction that was decent.

I couldn't stop thinking about licking melted butter off her tits. The light was off, door unlocked, but a wave of hot air hit me as I opened the door and the mirror was fogged, as was my brain.

She never told me not to, but the tone was clear: she disapproved.

Contains incest, an Aunt with a large futa-cock, cock-milking, some impregnation talk. My Mom, Judy, was strict about enforcing a 'No Pornography' ban in the house, and on the rare (but still far too often) occasions that she caught me masturbating...

Only when I dropped it in my room and had taken a few breaths did I hear it. I sucked on it hard for a full minute while my fingers 'shlick-shlick-shlick'ed beneath the water. She came with a shriek that sounded a lot like my Mother's. YYyyyeessss, I'm cummingcummingcummingfuckinghell Ryan! " I felt her cock swell in my grip, the opening that I had been fucking with my fingers tightened and sucked two of them as far into her cock as they could go.

I grunted in surprise at how powerful it was, I felt my knuckles 'pop' from the suction. The head was purple, my balls felt tight, they tingled.

Usually, guys avoid pregnant chicks like the plague, but her personality was so appealing to him.

Not only was she attractive on the outside, but the inside as well.

I packed everything I thought I would need into one big bag. I had stripped off my clothes, and was sitting on the edge of my bed, fists clenched, staring down at my painfully erect cock. "What do you want to tal-" "I want to talk about that," she interrupted, pointing at my erection. Knock up infertile housewives, *fertile housewives*, or just sexy girls that I want to see with baby bumps. She moaned into my mouth and slipped me some tongue. Aunt Jenny squealed as I began to finger her fat cock furiously. " As she threw her head back in pleasure I dived between her tits, licking and sucking on the slippery titflesh, tasting soap and skin. " I sucked harder, her hips pumped faster, her hands were pulling at my hair.

I heaved it in the front door and up the stairs to my room on the second floor, puffing all the way, friggin heavy bag. "Oh, oh, oh god," it cut off suddenly and I heard my Aunt Jenny's voice bark something at my Mom that I couldn't make out, she replied: "GOD YES! She broke off kissing me to gasp in pleasure and her hips began to pump, straining to meet each thrust of her nephew's strong hands. She hefted one of her boobs so I could capture a nipple. They couldn't decide whether to push me away or pull me closer.

(My Mom had installed something on our Router that blocked most pornography on the internet well before I hit puberty.) My Aunt Jenny is 6'5, weight unknown, a bust size that has to be at least a EE, red hair that hangs well below her shoulders, blue eyes, heart-shaped face, heart-shaped ass, and a voice that can oscillate from a honey-rich sweetness to a sultry and suggestive huskiness that always made my heart beat faster whenever I heard it. " she once asked me at a family dinner, taking a deep breath that made her breasts strain against her cream-colored blouse.