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A pump track is an undulating ourse of bumps, jumps, and berms designed to allow you to ride continuously without pedalling.Riders can choose their preference including bike, scooter or skateboard.Material that was not recycled had been been rendered to appear weather and aged.

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Let's have a look on what are the things you can do in Club Med Cherating Beach.There are tons of outdoor activities ready for you and there are some night/morning activities that photographer would love.This 2-stage process is aimed to provide all park users a safety briefing and glimpse the story behind District21.You will be given a pair of District 21 socks and glove to protect yourself during the adventure.The 11 adventure attractions including Wall climbing, Roller glider, Go Pedal, Pump Track, Low Ropes, Trampoline, The Maze, Free fall ( buggy jumping), Sky Trail, Tubby Ride and Carousel.

Before accessing the park, all visitors must pass through a decontamination chamber.

All climbing walls are equipped with auto belays for increased safety.

Many of the wall are interactive and require problem solving skill as part of the challenge.

Club Med Cherating Beach Resort is the first club med that I have visited for a 4D3N holiday.

I gotta say it is very different from what I've experienced before staying in a beach resort.

At the end of your holiday they will take you back to the airport. PS: Keep your finger crossed as I hope we will be chosen as Club Med ambassadors to go to Club Med Cherating Beach again with 10 friends or even travel to other Club Med worldwide!!