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Two years ago, the Council of Fashion Designers of America jointly awarded street style’s golden couple the Eugenia Sheppard Media Award for their striking journalism. Schuman, 46 and at work on his third book, continues to win plaudits for his evocative fashion portraits. Doré — well, she is busy expanding her personal fief.Once perceived as her partner’s talented sidekick and armpiece, she has lately, and gracefully, snatched a spotlight that is customarily reserved for social-media stars like Leandra Medine, a.k.a. Doré has forged lucrative partnerships with luxury brands, including L’Oréal, Christian Dior and Net-a-Porter, for whom she made videos, and Prada, for whom she created a photo essay.

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“Earlier Scott was way bigger than Garance, but these days I hear more about Garance than about Scott.”Good editorial develops trust, noted Jed Wexler, the chief executive of 818 Agency, a branding and consulting firm in New York. Doré’s recent ascent largely to a sense, widespread in fashion spheres, that she is his gracious and accessible half. The fascination with street style may well be cooling, making way for more diversified content. Schuman, a pioneer of the form, remains among its most unyielding proponents. Doré has, in the meantime, skillfully varied her repertoire.“More than just a blogger, she is her own media company,” Mr. All the while, she remains one of blogdom’s most compelling storytellers, sharing with her readers style observations, travel tales and all sorts of miscellany. In a long-ago blog post, which she recently had translated from French into English, she reminisced about rummaging at a vintage sale, searching for the perfect scarf, only to find that she had literally scraped the bottom of the barrel, inadvertently pulling out its tattered liner to drape proudly at her throat. Jannuzzi said, “contribute to a picture of this sweet, charming woman bopping around Fashion Week eating her baguettes.”“Don’t you want to get a coffee with her,” he continued, “and just hang out for a while? Doré is to encounter a multidimensional extension of her online persona. Schuman could have hardly envisioned how far his support would take her.

Her description of a trip to Morocco to bury her maternal grandmother was moving and lyrical. Subbing a sidecar for her tea, she remained bright-eyed, straightforward and unflaggingly upbeat, even as she talked about the trials of growing up. Her father, a chef of Italian descent, and her mother, an artistic, flamboyantly stylish transplanted Algerian, had hoped their bookish daughter might become a diplomat. “I’ve never seen anyone learn as quickly and act on the things that she’s learning,” he said. I wish I’d done that.’ ” If tensions exist, she prefers to keep mum. Schuman related that she had turned a deaf ear to his airing in The Globe and Mail of their sexual laundry. “But she knew that it was not my best day.”As close as they are, his hints that they should marry have left her unmoved.“In a couple,” she said opaquely, “there is always an energy that is hard for other people to define.” Be sure, though, she added, “that I do what I want to do.”Correction: An article last Thursday about the fashion blogger Garance Doré misstated the job title at held by John Jannuzzi, a social media expert who has followed Ms. He is its senior digital editor, not its senior digital projects editor.

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The sweet scent of salt air and the sibilant sound of waves and sea breezes fill the room and immediately calm the senses.

We are getting close to a time of the year where some good deals can be had. School Supplies – Next month stores will be having huge sales to lure teachers and parents – and grandparents too – into stores t... The American Red Cross does some fantastic work helping people across this country in time of disaster and strife. I am hoping to get the site going again and will be posting a couple times per week. Time and resources have to be provided to do it right... I am sitting here watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead and listening to the ice fall outside.

I heard about a relative of a friend who lost their home in a house fire. Beyond the loss of property and material things, I thought of family heirlooms that simply cannot be replaced. They also provide numerous resources to educate and prepare individuals for emergencies... If you come around and glad to be here – leave a comment and let everyone know! It has been quite awhile since I have posted here on Seasoned Citizen No – I didn’t get the snow I wanted but I feel like a little kid again with a little winter weather... Hikers walking on snowy trail, cold nature environment in wilderness forest.She sketched under a nom de web inspired by the 19th-century illustrator Gustave Doré.“I thought the name was chic,” Ms. “I feel like I’ve almost grown up with her,” said Sara Jones, 19, an art history student and an organizer of Ms. Doré said lightly, “something that might attract an art director.”Even now she is reluctant to reveal her real name. Even in fashion, I feel like an outsider every day.”She made mistakes, misconstruing luncheon invitations as friendly overtures that held out the promise of work. After a handsome renovation, and with the addition of new restaurants, ‘The Copa’ is a compelling destination. The legendary excitement, music, beach life and history of Rio de Janeiro invite and seduce.Guests arriving at beachfront suites who step onto their balconies to take in the sea air and dazzling vista can be forgiven for becoming a little giddy.Obviously, he showed up super well-dressed — suit jacket, his collar slightly open, totally gorgeous. We sat down he pulled the chair out for me, etc and he pulled a mini boom box out of his pocket so he could put on music. And at that moment, despite the fact I still completely had my guard up and it was the last thing I would have expected, I felt the floodgates of love burst open, one after another. Not to mention engagement, a concept that took me quite a while to fully understand. So I put on a pair of sandals, a skirt, and a sweater. He had told me to meet him in front of the Nomad Hotel. And right in the middle, there was a little table with a champagne bucket. His childhood spent in Florida fishing and surfing, his career as a musician, his worries, the things that make him happy.