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This shrine has long been considered the heart of Catholic Marian devotion in Southern Germany.

The national sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary in Chile.

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One of them, named Collo, cutting trees in the mountains, found the discarded statue after his ax blade had hit it and he had heard a voice say, "You are hurting me." He took the wooden image home.

Later a shrine was made and people came for devotions to pray to the Virgin, who still bears the scars of the ax.

Archbishop Lavigerie of Algiers was on his way to Rome accompanied by seven hundred soldiers, priests, and a Trappist abbot when their ship was caught in a violent storm. The archbishop had promised the Mother of God a pilgrimage to the shrine of "Our Lady of Africa" if she would save them. In 1872 an impressive cathedral was consecrated and now houses the crowned statue of Mary.

Pope Pius IX donated the golden diadem with precious stones that Mary, "Consolation of the Afflicted," now wears.

The Holy See has entrusted the care of the sanctuary to the congregation of White Sisters of Africa. Rupert baptized Otto the pagan in a temple built in pre-Christian times.

An ancient pilgrimage center in the heart of Bavaria; its original shrine has never been destroyed. It is now a Catholic chapel to which the people make pilgrimage from May until November to venerate Our Lady and her Son.

The shrine of Our Lady of the Poor, near the city of Li├Ęge in the Flemish village of Banneux.

Devotion to Mary began as a result of an apparition to a poor twelve-year-old Belgian child in the garden of her home on January 16, 1933.

They are robed in heavily embroidered white and black mantles. Mother and Child wear costly crowns, and she holds a scepter of jeweled lilies.

The walls around the statue and the altar are nearly all of solid silver.

It was originally a small statue of the Madonna, set in a frame of shells at a spot often visited by Barbary robbers. In time, the grotto became a chapel and eventually a large church.