Getting back in the dating scene Nottingham sexy chat rooms

When we think of ‘dating’ we tend to think of more facilitated dating scenarios like dating sites and singles events and the like. In the supermarket, at the gym, on the tube, in the street.

The sooner you get into the habit of opening yourself up to this the more chances of meeting people quite randomly and naturally will pop up.

If like me, you’re a believer of the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that what you think, you attract.

Nobody knows that more than Laura Yates, the author of todays guest blog post.I am sure she won’t mind me saying that having been on the end of a breakup she knows what she’s talking about!Sometimes it being less intense at the start is a good thing as the relationship can evolve naturally and grow into something more long lasting and solid.Breakups can leave you feeling pretty crappy in yourself so this time alone is an opportunity to put yourself first and do the things that make you feel amazing.I know you want to keep little mementoes, but these will subconsciously hold you back.

Get a friend round to come over and help you sort through the photos, sweatshirts, artwork, toothbrushes (ew), jewelry and any other ex-collateral in sight.

Either throw it out or, even better, sell it on Never Liked It Anyway.

Also, try rearranging your furniture, move your bed, rotate your couch...

Laura has 5 awesome top tips for getting back on the dating scene to share with you…. Even in those rare ones where you come away feeling positive, the transition of going from being in a relationship to being single and ‘getting back out there’ can feel incredibly overwhelming. I’m not specifically setting out to look for my future hubby but I’m keeping an open mind.

Having recently gone through a breakup, I’m now in that frame of mind where I feel ready to start meeting other people. I’ve learnt a few things as I’m going through this experience and I hope that these will be useful for you too!

All sorts of things have opened up - theatres, restaurants,bars and even bike lanes. In the immortal words of Dr Seuss, 'oh the places you'll go... Cleaning out is cathartic, even when you havent had a breakup!