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If you're looking for something a little bit different for a signature tone, or simply want to add a guitar to your arsenal that has loads of cool vibe and a unique tone, here's a really nice one. Finished in desirable Limo Black and features a few upgrades including excellent quality Gotoh tuners, metal saddles that are individually adjustable instead of the wood block, and a piezo pickup controlled by a mini 3-way switch (piezo only, piezo and lipstick pickups, lipstick pickups only).

The single coil lipstick pickups are controlled by the regular 3-way switch with stacked volume/tone knobs to give full control to both pickups.

This is the 2nd go-around on this model, patterned after the '56 U-2, which was Dano's first production run in the late 90's, after a break of around 3 decades.

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Out of the box these are not great playing guitars, with high action, noisy pots, and rough feeling frets.

After Martin gave this guitar the attention it deserves, polishing the frets, lubricating the fretboard, setting the action, dressing the fret ends, and cleaning the electronics, they play fantastic, just like the old mail-order guitars they're patterned after.

I last had this guitar a few years ago and it appears as though it was unplayed since it was last in my hands.

Finish has all the luster of a new model and frets are perfect.

The piezo system isn't really an acoustic tone, but it does add a lot of body to the sound, especially in the middle position, when combined with the magnetic pickups.

To me it sounds just like a vintage hollowbody, like an old ES-125T.The basic construction is good ol' Dano all the way, beautiful in its simplicity, with a hardboard/plywood construction with a solid center core and tape "binding" to cover the seam; metal base bridge with notches that hold the ball-end strings, topped off with a rosewood saddle; 5-screw neck attachment; easy access control plate on back; and pickup height adjustment on back.Other features include white knobs on dual concentric tone and volume controls, 3-way selector, a matching "seal" pickguard, double acting truss rod, flat 14" radius, 25" scale, 21 frets, C-shaped neck.Overall this guitar is in very nice shape with a near perfect finish that shines like new.Frets are near perfect and it has an excellent setup.Agile Harm 3 Solid Archtop, (front), (back), (headstock), (neck joint).