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The effect reaches climax within two to five minutes after insertion, and persists for around thirty minutes before gradually easing.

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The album is a retrospective of his solo work (including Silver Ginger 5) since 2000, along with two previously unreleased new tracks.A second collection called 10 (Two) was also released as a free 10-track download.A studio album produced by Jack Douglas called Sensory Overdrive was released on 14 March 2011. In UK it rose to 13th place in the Rock charts, Ginger played his last gig with the band at Provinssirock on 17 June 2011.In early 2001, Ginger planned to release one CD single featuring three new tracks every month for the entire year, in a project known as The Singles Club.This would be the first material released under the name Ginger, and the project commenced parallel to tours with Silver Ginger 5 and the recently reformed Wildhearts.

Owing to financial problems at Infernal Records, only 18 tracks were recorded, and only five singles were released.

The term "figging" comes from the 19th-century word "feaguing." This method of physical punishment was first used as a form of discipline on female slaves in Ancient Greece, and during the Victorian era it was unofficially used by the Holy Roman Empire as a method of disciplinary action or corporal punishment for female prisoners.

The ginger, which is skinned and often carved into the shape of a butt plug, causes an intense burning sensation, and often intolerable discomfort to the subject.

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Figging is the practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the human anus or the vagina in order to generate an acute burning sensation.