Google news gadget not updating

ago, something was making my internet light flash constantly ... apparently every 30 seconds or so, and that must have been it!

HOWEVER, after this last batch of MS updates [during which Gadgets were locked afterwards], that constant flashing has STOPPED.

I would really like to know for sure, if that was it, but I'm not sure reviewing those updates will tell ME anything.

Revealing its future plans, Apple has formally announced to make ex-Google executive John Giannandrea its Chief of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy.

Reporting to CEO Tim Cook, Giannandrea who joined Apple in April will be in charge of Apple's ML division, Siri and the Core ML team, the company updating its executive leadership page, said.

It dawned on me that maybe MS has coded a cutoff date for the file in Windows and that after that date, the file is considered 'dead'.

To test that hypothesis, I used a date/time stamper utility to change the date to April of 2016. I am happy to report the widget has continued to display current temperature for the entire week, not just two days.So it may not work for everyone, but perhaps it will help a few.Its true the gadget might work but it still spams the internet looking for com which is discontinued.┬╗com/config W7is the address it wants, and will keep trying to connect every 30 seconds 24/7.....unacceptable for me.(However, as of 6/9/2012, you cannot get rid of the built-in "Subscribe to posts" button from public sites).If you are creating a site through a Google Apps domain (if you see a/domainname in the URL of your site, you are on a domain), you may receive an error around step 8.This fix seems to work as long as the file and folder exists.