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Other times they suck - difficult to attend family events or be available when non-academic spouse needs him/her.- Graduate students are constantly being socialized to their discipline.

The competition ended in a final championship round this month before an audience of about 75 people on the U campus.Four young scholars gave the academic equivalent of speed dating presentations about their research into the spread of antibiotic resistance in the environment, high-endurance aerial drones, heart stem cells and the disappointing legacy of mega sports events.Ph D and master’s students worldwide report rates of depression and anxiety that are six times higher than those in the general public (T. The report, based on the responses of 2,279 students in 26 nations, found that more than 40% of respondents had anxiety scores in the moderate to severe range, and that nearly 40% showed signs of moderate to severe depression. Or is the problem confined mainly to academic life?The Three Minute Thesis started, unlikely enough, with a severe drought in the Australian state of Queensland.

To save water, people were using three-minute egg timers to limit the time they spent in the shower.

If both spouses are academics, many universities try to pull together a spousal package (which is pretty awesome), but if one partner is not an academic, s/he is going to have to try to find work in a new city.

For better or for worse, most big research universities are not located in parts of the country that have ample employment for trailing spouses.

The ordeal of studying and possibly finishing is extreme, and extreme ordeals depress people.

Think of it as a TED talk for short attention spans.

it is easy for graduate students to have poor self-esteem.