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I did miss my grandchildren but kept in touch using mobile phone messaging apps, which are free, and at Christmas I flew home for a few days to see them.

A lot of people ask me how I can afford to travel as a pensioner but my living costs are only about £500 a month.

It was a far cry from my strict upbringing in Essex in the 1950s, when we never went abroad.

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Furthermore, by receiving this recognition it became a part of special „365 Best Websites Around the World“ edition additionally promoting the brand on Awwward conferences in New York and London.Click HERE and relax your during coffee break with video story of Granny’s Secret.My daughter went backpacking when she was 19.” Yet I’ve been travelling for seven years now and at 72 I have no plans to stop any time soon.It would be nice to spend more time with my grandchildren but I hope when they’re old enough they’ll come and join me on my travels.I had booked a hostel for one night but apart from that I had no idea where my travels would take me – or for how long.

Yet I wasn’t a student on a gap year, I was a 65-year-old grandmother who had given up a comfortable life in Spain to travel the world on a small pension.After Bangkok, I travelled around mainland Thailand and partied on the islands with some of the younger travellers.As the weeks rolled into months, I made my way around Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Burma and Indonesia.Created in association with web design studio north2, which also designed Cedevita’s web, site interactively explores the story of Granny’s Secret, presenting brand’s assortment and offering a range of creative recipes and suggestions on how to use Granny’s Secret products in order to create delicious gourmet moments.Quality and relevant content packed in visually attractive multimedia design mounted the site at the top of the best sites list.For young people I think travelling is the best possible education and for me it’s the reason I look and feel so young.