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Gui Sync Object is implemented using Context Bound Object and the interception sinks that the remoting infrastructure provides.

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Thanks to Giannis Katsampiris for completing the recent update of the Anjuta 2.4 localisation. We could pick any other variation; GTKMM was a request from the Ubuntu-gr mailing list. There is an option to specify at this stage external packages. Once you click Apply (Εφαρμογή) – the button with the green tick, Anjuta will create an initial dummy package (actually a hello world application), and will run automatically the equivalent of ./configure for you.

Once Anjuta is installed, you are presented with the Anjuta main window. Now, this is the final screen, when you start working.

This document explains the some basic rules that every addin developer should follow regarding thread management in Mono Develop.

In general, Mono Develop code runs in the GUI thread, that is, the thread that created the GTK Application object and that runs the event loop.

That is the order of installation when you go trial by error inside Anjuta to compile a project. Also, if you have the Ubuntu 8.04 DVD in your drive, most of these packages will be installed in a jiffy.

We have the Greek localisation enabled, so bear with us. We wade through and we pick to use C and GTKMM (C bindings for GTK ).On the other hand, when Async Dispatch Attribute is applied, the method will be asynchronously executed in the GUI thread (this can only be used for methods that do not return values).Notice that by default all methods are executed synchronously.For example: When Free Dispatch Attribute is applied to a method, that method will be executed in the caller’s thread.This is useful to avoid the GUI thread dispatch for a method that does not really need it.All objects and methods that are accessible from the root Runtime object should be GUI thread safe, with the exception of the objects below Runtime. I’m saying “should” because some of them may still not be thread safe, but most of them already are (this needs to be fixed).