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Meet another girl, go to another bar or meet up with some friends.Stay flexible and it will keep you from looking needy.Go to regular site GK Shares Game — An ex-social coach's tips and thoughts on women (and other guy stuff) Home About Me Coaching and Reviews Subscribe GK Shares Game An ex-social coach's tips and thoughts on women (and other guy stuff) Behold a sample chapter from the Logistics Book: Handling first-date logistics by GK on November 24, 2013 · 11 comments So what if this is the first glimpse of the Logistics Book since Rob and I started talking about it four years ago? Also, bring cash and a credit card so you can use either as needed. She starts with the small talk but you avoid it: “Yeah it was windy but I didn’t notice it because today I finally think I figured out how to…” You tell a story – about yourself – that gives her an idea of your personality. ***** So the above stories have shown the same date ending two different ways.

Read and write reviews or vote to improve it ranking. Being smart, you avoid any tables where you’d have to sit across from her. If all else fails you’ll settle for sitting next to her at the bar. You’ll avoid the awkwardness of searching for seats if the bar is full, and you’ll look like The Man.Check alliedvsaxis duplicates with related css, domain relations, most used words, social networks references. Use our online tools to find owner and admin contact info. It wasn’t a fun date, but it wasn’t horrible; it was probably like most dates that regular people go on every day. Who knows, that hug was maybe good, but you’re not sure. When it gets crowded later on, standing might work out better but you’ll see how the night turns out. Conversely, make enough friends who work there that they’ll treat you like a VIP and make sit-down space whenever you need it.You’re also likelier to avoid crowded bars on a weeknight, and we think weekends are best reserved for seeing friends or women you’ve dated for a while. for work, a weeknight date could torpedo your hopes of taking her home that night.Still, we’ve learned that if a girl wants to hook up with you that night, she’ll endure some inconvenience the following morning.It’s Saturday night, 8 o’clock and the restaurant is packed. What’s more, with the prevalence of car services like Uber and Lyft, you don’t even need to stand in a cold street whistling at cabs. A single guy should be living in the part of town with all the nightlife.

You made a reservation, but the restaurant is busy and you end up having to wait with everyone else in the crowded anteroom where a cold blast of wind whips across your face every time the door opens. But what if you don’t live in a fun part of town, or even in a fun town itself? Yes this will cost more, but it will be worth it when you see the improvements it brings your dating life. The real answer is the drink doesn’t cost anything when someone buys it for you.Should the first date be on a weeknight or weekend? I like keeping the first date as casual and low-pressure as possible, and weeknights can facilitate that.Her friends won’t be talking up her Big Date that could make her nervous or guarded around you.A couple of notes on this: As we’re still writing the book, this chapter might look different in the finished product. “I write software that lets people pay their utility bills” is fine, if a little dry. You’re sitting close, touching each other when you’re laughing. In the second date, they were close by, so sex was on the table, and it was just easier (you can lose the vibe driving around in a car). Where You’re Taking Her and its Proximity to Your Place Listen, you may love the veal parmesan at Carmella’s Bistro, but if it’s across town and it’s not easy for you to get there and back then it’s not a good logistical choice for a date.Also, you’ll see that Rob and I mix up some of the first-person references to “I” and “we.” Rob and I aren’t the Borg and we don’t agree on everything, and we’ve had different experiences. It’s better than “I work for Unheard-Of-Company in the Software Entitlements Department and I receive the drafts of code, in C of course if you can believe it, from our engineering team and check them for accuracy against our legal department’s standards of compliance for our public utilities clients…So…yeah.” What you “do” is not as important as who you are. Good logistical choices are cool bars (and even restaurants) that are close to your house simply because it’s easier to get there and back. You realize it’s time to go and before you know it you can both be back at your house.One night I was talking to a girl who was also talking to “William,” one of the bouncers.