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Wouldn’t the obligation of this guaranteed dividend put pressure on the company’s cash flow?

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Star couple Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming welcomed a baby boy and, at the same time, Jay Chou finished his nine Hong Kong concerts.And Kris Wu, Tao and Han Geng played star in a new movie.Despite a better valuation and good turnout, the bookbuild resulted in a share price set at 5,120 riel, slightly less than the mid-point of the 4,404 riel to 6,320 riel price range offered. There is a clear regulation on how to determine the offering price in the bookbuilding, and this price was based on this regulation.The price was determined by a weighted-average approach, which is calculated from the total offering bid price and bid amount.Knowledge obtained in this study is likely to help develop new strategies for insect control.

I will discuss recent progress in our research toward achieving the goals.What led to the decision to offer private investors a guaranteed 5 per cent dividend on the initial share price?When we went out to talk to investors and test the waters for this IPO we realised it was really serious. So we worked with our head office on how we could make this financial product sellable and more attractive, and that’s when we came up with this guaranteed dividend.The Were you satisfied with the turnout and results of PPAP’s bookbuild?It went much better than we had expected and was a little over two times oversubscribed, so it was quite successful.The offering price was extremely high for PPWSA – I have to admit this.