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And I said to her, “Mom, anything that you may have done that was less than ideal was a blessing. And my life would have been much less satisfying if I didn’t have that.It motivated me to create the world that I have created and accomplish what I have accomplished.” So sometimes it’s the sand in the oyster that creates the pearl.

"There are always girls in and out and always the feeling of maybe being replaced..he made sure I didn't feel that way anymore and that was what the wedding was all about." 12.

She was Hugh Hefner's third wife and younger than her husband by 60 years. Crystal met Hefner in 2008 and began dating him in 2009. "It meant more security, knowing that I am the one for him," she said of why she changed her mind.

"I didn't immediately realize that all girlfriends were required to sleep with Hef," Madison writes.2.

Hef would take photos of his girlfriends and him every night before they went out, then have them delivered to each girlfriend's door the next morning.

He made his sons Marston, 9 years old when Madison moved in, and Cooper, 10, share a bedroom with a girlfriend.

This was Bedroom 3, which came with three beds and a private bath."I always thought I was a hypochondriac," she said."Doctors told me it was just 'stress' or 'all in my head' but I finally figured it out."reported that Crystal had signed an "ironclad" prenuptial agreement and that Hefner's inheritance had been promised to his children, several charities, and the University of Southern California film school. Crystal called off her wedding to Hefner five days before the scheduled ceremony in June 2011.In 2016, she started a travel blog documenting her adventures in places like Paris, London, and Palm Springs.13. Crystal wrote on Instagram that she was diagnosed in 2016.This was seen as unfair by the rest of the girlfriends based on how bedroom hierarchy had previously worked.