Henry rollins dating youtube

The fact he has never been a drinker or drug user adds to this As well as never been married.

I cannot name a single person of that age that hasnt been married (at least been in a long term serious relationship) or has children except my uncle with Aspergers.

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When I was 21 my girlfriend got pregnant and I had to figure shit out.Joe is insanely talented and hard working, and he rightfully made it in the business.Wish my uncle was as bad ass as Henry Rollins though :/He was great.I fucking loved listening to him and Joe was obviously spun out as well. Yeah this was gold start to finish (even getting a little David Lee Roth stories : D) I think Joe was a little in awe which was pretty cool.Kind of dorky but one of my favorite things he's done is play a spiritual eco-terrorist monk in Legend of Korra as Zaheer, he was perfect at it. their talk about 'i couldn't just sit in a cubicle every day, its like poison' or 'i couldn't have a regular job.

its just not for me.'motherfucker, none of us LIKE the shit, some people have to do shit they don't like to do.

10 years later I'm gonna start racing again for fun.

I absolutely know Joe has it in him to make it just look at his hunting, and work ethic in general.

However, most guests at least relate back to Joe a little bit, be it about hunting, MMA or Comedy etc. He just stayed on the one track and you can tell by his mannerisms watching the actual podcast footage that he wasn't making an interpersonal connection with Joe as other guests usually do. Must be rad being 900 odd episodes in and still getting guests that blow your mind.

Henry Rollins is a fascinating dude and I can listen to him talk forever. Fantastic episode, though, probably one of my favorite guests. Really enjoyed listening to him.enjoyed most of it.

I think he has the character as a man, if his path was different, he could have worked a more menial job.