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But some cultures consider direct eye contact as rude and disrespectful, so you have to be careful when applying this technique.

It is difficult for individuals with mild personalities to be intimidating when the need arises. You can learn how to be intimidating by appearing clean and well-groomed at all times, which will make you look confident and assertive.

Grow a beard if you want to display assertiveness and masculinity.

You look important and confident with an entourage behind you, which also makes you come off as a dominant figure.

Your entourage can boast about your abilities and achievements to others.

Mentioned above is the general overview of what localization embodies.

However, the success of localization also depends on the cultural knowledge of the client and the experience and expertise of the localization service provider.You can hire an entourage where necessary or ask your friends to idolize you when walking with you. A timely violent act comes in handy at times but you don't need violence in most situations.You can intimidate others with your composure and silence. Avoid any expression like blinking, gulping, and smiling while speaking. Besides, you can even look disgusted and give orders without adding a word to them. Always stay composed and never flinch or show any emotion when speaking.Do not defend yourself when others criticize your opinion.Instead, use direct statements to emphasize your opinion. " But do limit your trash talks to one's abilities and not identity.However, some general guidelines and strategies would help to ensure that you do can avoid cultural faux pas when you are doing localization, whether you are a client or the localization team.