How to stop quickbooks from updating

But nagging users before the software starts after executing it is just all kinds of WRONG! That's something you do if you put out free software. THIS IS HOW YOU STOP THE INCESSANT NAGGING TO UPGRADE TO THE NEWEST QUICKEN PRODUCT THAT INTUIT MAKES!!Not sure how long Quicken is planning on making their user base mad and no telling how many will just walk away. WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST MAKE IT EASY TO DISABLE AND ANSWER EVERYBODY QUESTION FOR THEM?Click the ‘Help,’ and then the ‘Update Quick Books’ option.

Perfect example of a business driving the loyal customers away.

I will never pay for a yearly subscription and the popup ads without a switch to turn them off is just wrong when you pay for the software... I think it's fine if they want to send users e-mails letting us know about new versions, sales or offers, or details about features.

I have no desire, need, or intention of "upgrading" to a subscription service, why can't I just say so and be done with it!? " ad box pops up every time I open my Quicken 2015 (Ver. Also, the double annoyance is that the ad opens up a couple of seconds after I start to log in, interrupting the sign-in, but hiding itself behind the password box.

I want to kill this ad permanently and not have to go through this process forever.

quicken must really be hurting to annoy so many people I've gotten about 20 "Last chance to upgrade to Quicken 2018" messages upon start up in the last several months. I agree, Im a long time user of quicken and have upgraded only 3 or 4 times over the past 20 years.

I am unlikely to buy again and have been looking at other options now.

Click on the ‘Disable’ button to turn off the Internet connection. Activate the internet once you have completed using Quick Books.

Right-click on the network connection icon and select the ‘Enable’ option.

I "patiently" waited while the "X days left in promo" message ticked down to one (while EVERY TIME unchecking "remind me later"). I like Quicken 2017 for Mac - it does everything I need it to do, and does it well. The only choices I get are "Upgrade Now" or the red button to delete the box.

I won't be upgrading any time soon, and not EVER unless this company can prove that they are willing and able to fix major problems quickly--like the Agreed!

Thanks Anna, you reminded me in the other thread of all the bugs in 2016.