How to stop someone from intimidating you

Selfish people aren’t selfish with everyone Selfish people subconsciously pick and choose the people they would want to use and trample on. But just like a wild animal’s inner instincts, if they come face to face with a caring and emotional person that they see as prey, they use them and abuse them until the relationship eventually falls apart or they find someone better to prey on.

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If your friend or lover believes they don’t really need you but you need them a lot, that’s when they expect you to do all the giving, while they extract everything you can give.

A selfish person will behave selfishly around you only when they truly believe that you need them more.

But in their pursuit of their own happiness, they carelessly and intentionally walk all over the shattered hearts of any loving person around them.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a selfish partner or a friend is their trait of always extracting more from you, and yet, they never give anything back to you in equal measures.Selfish people are always lovable, nice and really sweet. For all you know, you may be in love with a selfish person right now, or perhaps you have a best friend who’s selfish.Unfortunately for you, the traits of a selfish person aren’t easy to notice, because they cover their darker side so well.[Read: 10 signs your partner is only using you] The irony of it all is that a selfish person wouldn’t even know they’re being selfish.They’d just assume they’re nice people who care about their own happiness more than anything else.[Read: 10 types of toxic friends you need to avoid in your life] The mind of selfish people A relationship is an exchange of emotions.