gta 4 dating guide alex How to use pheremones in dating

Osmology, or the science of smell research, has determined that men and women are attracted to each other via selective chemical messengers called pheromones.

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And while both men and women excrete trace amounts of it through their urine, men excrete up to four times as much as women do.This particular pheromone, which is produced by the adrenal glands of both sexes, is also present in sweat under the armpits of both sexes.According to Masters and Johnson, products containing pheromones can be used for correcting sexual dysfunction.The researchers say that the sense of smell is under used in the treatment of sexual problems, and they admit to utilizing pheromone-scented lotions in their clinic to help couples benefit from the therapy offered there.A similar study conducted with men had the same results, more sexual contact with women than the men who applied the placebo.

Pheromones are generally considered safe and have no known side effects; however, they may cause subjectively unwanted effects.

In addition, it is present in smegma, the substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the penis and vagina.

Researchers have found that women secrete at least one other attracting pheromone from their vagina.

For example, the use of a pheromone formula may result in the attraction of undesirable members of the opposite sex.

Thus, we suggest careful and calculated use of these compounds at all times.

When pheromones are purchased separately, they can be added to a favorite cologne or perfume in amounts recommended by the manufacturer.