Htc news widget not updating

In the app it is showing the data was refreshed just couple of mins back. Even after manual refresh the same old data I have the same issue on a Galaxy S3, I am using the 4x1 Weather Compact widget. I apologize, I wasn't subscribed properly to the forum so didn't receive a notification when it was updated.Eric, you mentioned somewhere that auto update fails is Wi-Fi is unaivable... A lot of improvements were made to this in the last update.It set Po P to 60%, it shows rain on the extended forecast and other such miss truths.

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This should be fixed in 2.3.1 which was published on 09/27. Hitting the refresh button doesn't change anything. Our development team are working with them on this and we should have a fix soon.I still encounter that issue: widget is not updating automatically. I saw there is already version 2.5 available in Play store (maybe it fixes widget issue?If disabled is written, know that the Google widget or Google search bar was disabled.Just enable this app from here by tapping on it and selecting the necessary option.But still weather data on widget are not updated automatically unless I open main app. Maybe this is the question of widget I use (it's 1Weather Clock (Small) 4x1) or the question of data update frequency which is set up for 1 hour.

And beetween those data updates I see latest (not current) weather conditions?

This initiates Ok, Google assistant and you can also write terms to search the web using Google search engine.

3- Go to Settings, open Application Manager and then open Google Search app. Once you clear cache of data of the app, problems related to it will be solved.

I have the app and widget set to 30 minute updates.

I have the widget on my main home screen and it doesn't ever change.

I had to open the app itself to get the widget updated. ) but unfortunately update is not available for my HTC One. It's possible that it was a temporary server error.