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My Best Friend's Sacrifice III From Last Time: "Finally, my best friend starts enjoying sex, and to my surprise, in this horny and perverted way.

My pussy really enjoyed last night, and I want to do it again.”Dan got up, showered, thinking of all the times she’d showered there before dressing herself - knickers on, bra on, and then her choice of clothes from the amazing selection on the racks around her room. He admired them - just think what had been inside them. and then he let her sink all the way down and she had groaned with satisfaction as he watched her cunt swallow the full length of his dick.

They were white shiny satin at the front, with lace details, and of course an absorbent cotton gusset. A day’s worth of her private sexy thoughts causing little licks of secret wetness. She was straining for it, but he wouldn’t let her have it...

Pretty little girly bralettes in all sorts of soft colours - pinks, yellows and baby blues. Then he ran his hand across the rows and rows of bras. Lacy bits here, silky bits there, straps and clasps and adjusters.

He couldn’t possibly let her know that he had been in her underwear drawer. They felt great, and he loved thinking about her vaginal juices against his balls. It hung from his fingers, such a light garmet, so clever, so complicated.

This was, after all, a more than strange situation. He held both hands on his ass, arching his back slightly, pushing his breasts forward, and he lifted his ass cheeks. He could even see where the vagina split into two lips.

And they were full of feeling, desperate to be squeezed and pulled. Oh my God, he thought, I would love someone to suck my tits. He wouldn’t allow himself to find out if he had a cunt until he had run his hands across his slim waist, down onto his hips and round the back to clasp his ass. He could feel his pussy lips being ever so gently moved apart. His hands came round the front, following the top seam of his knickers. Inside, a sweet little mound of curly pubes receded down to the curve of his cunt.

He’d give anything to go back to her house, be invited into her bedroom, and spend a few hours taking her clothes off and - with a bit of luck - fucking every way they could think of until they fell asleep.“Let’s go, then,” she said.

He felt almost ridiculously submissive as he followed her out of the bar, leaving half-finished drinks, feeling drunk, wondering if it was OK that she was so forward. She unbuttoned her top, and slipped the shoulders off.

All arranged with their cups facing forward and their straps tucked behind, keeping them in good condition. He put an arm through one shoulder strap, then the other, drawing the cups to his chest.

There was even a row of basques, with ribbons tangling. And there was a note: “Pick your favourite and try it on. So totally alien compared to his boring male underwear.

But that’s not what this story is about.*The next morning, he woke up in her bed, and found her gone, with just a note. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he went over to her chest of drawers and pulled the top drawer open.