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Lwema described his work with terminally ill patients and their pre-death experiences.Patients often fear the physical side of death, such as from suffocation from too much fluid accumulating in their body, yet this can be controlled via drugs such as morphine, he noted.

Meanwhile, Paul Denton (Ian Somerhalder) is a provocative student who dated Lauren before coming out of the closet.Now, Paul's current object of affection is Sean, who is completely uninterested.For her career over television, Ivanka first appeared as a judge in her father’s TV program The Apprentice 5 during 2006 and afterwards has gone on to make guest appearances in several television programs.Apart from her other work, she is also a very successful businesswoman handling an important executive position in her father Donald Trump’s company while also has own line of fashion items.Following the completion of her education, she started her career as an model and has gone on to walk fashion runways and appear in advertisement campaigns for many well-known brands.

In addition to that she has also been featured over the covers of several magazines including Elle, Avenue and Forbes.

Former fashion model and now a businesswoman, Ivanka Trump is the daughter of American business magnate Donald Trump and his ex-wife, Ivana Trump.

Born on October 30, 1981, she was just 9 years old when her parents divorced.

"The results showed 14 patients shed a final tear at the time of death, and a further 13 within the last 10 hours of life.

"In 21 of the 27 cases, the dying person was unconscious at the time of the last tear.

Lichter thought of chemically analyzing some of the last tears, because emotional tears have a different chemical composition from those produced by irritation.