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Indian migrants in Australia are high achievers -- like their counterparts in the US and Canada -- and higher achievers than Australians on average.

About 80% have higher education, compared with 56% for Australia overall.

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These migrants were mainly agricultural laborers to work sugar and banana plantations in southern Queensland.Some worked in the gold fields, while others were hawkers.Indian migration to Australia was also an early feature of the British colonization of Australia, due to both countries being British colonies.The first wave of Indian migration to Australia took place in the 1800-1860 period, with good numbers coming to work as laborers, domestic workers and camel-drivers.In multicultural Australia, Indians are themselves multicultural, in sharp contrast to the Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese.

The most important languages spoken by Indo-Australians at home are in order: English, Hindi and Punjabi. Their most important religions are Hinduism, Sikhism and Catholicism.At the same time, the British also took Indians to South Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji and elsewhere.Another wave of Indian migration occurred from 1860 to 1901, prior to the federation (and independence) of Australia in 1901.In other words, Indian migrants are not a burden on the Australian community, they are an asset. Lisa Singh is the first Indian Australian federal politician.She has been a Tasmanian Labor Senator since August 2010 and is now Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Attorney-General.will provide you with perfect wanking stuff and sex inspiration for your future adult adventures.