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He subsequently applied this to social media, and especially Facebook with the introduction of Name Gen Web, a Facebook network visualizer (with Joshua Melville).The second generation of this visualizer, College Connect, was empirically shown to help high school students reveal social resources in their networks.There are a number of reasons to choose St Hilda’s as a graduate student: its commitment to excellence and equality, its beautiful riverside setting, its relaxed and friendly environment and the wide range of scholarships, grants and facilities available to its graduates.

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He believes that the way networked information comes us in feeds is akin to being given a route through social space.This might get us where we want to go, but to truly empower people we need to see the map, not only the route along the way.Bernie Hogan examines how to capture, represent and think about social networks, especially personal social networks.His work focuses on the role of design in social media, network capture techniques and theories of relationships.With colleagues, he has worked with UK therapy organizations, Tavistock and Relate to produce guidelines on internet infidelity for patients and practitioners.

He has also published related work in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

He has been featured on BBC 1 morning and Newsnight, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Vice and NBC in America.

He is routinely featured on BBC 4 radio including as a mentor in Radio 4’s So You Want to Be a Scientist.

Many of Hogan’s papers can be found at his ssrn page and registered on his Google scholar. He is currently accepting graduate students on his active interests of names and naming practices, egocentric social networks, network visualizations, politics of social media and social identity, especially identity issues relating to gender and sexual minorities.

New technologies, data, and algorithms impact every aspect of daily life.

Hogan’s theoretical work was among the first to identify the role of the social media platform as curator and to distinguish certian social media as the ‘real name web’.