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Still, no matter where you meet, Pedersen and Tinker's final advice leading up to Valentine's Day is simple and universal: "Whether you're on a first date or in a committed relationship, get your focus off what is wrong with the other person, and get it on what is right about them."Visit to hear more advice and learn more about "Love Works for You."Amelia Richmond is a North Lake Tahoe-based freelancer writer.

People filter too much; they'd be better off vetting dates in person."Pedersen and Tinker advise singles to get out there and date as many people as possible, without focusing on trying to find "the one.""We see people trying to decide if they are going to marry or divorce the person in front of them on their first date," said Tinker.

"We recommend people go on a lot of second, third and fourth dates — even if they're not totally taken with someone from day one."ONE OF MANY OPTIONSAt the end of the day, Pedersen reminds singles that online dating is just one of the options that exists to meet potential partners."All of the ways couples met before the Internet still exist today," he said, noting that cafés, libraries and especially local "Meetup" groups are great ways to meet people.

Organized through, Meetups are groups with shared interests that get together in person.

Local Meetup groups in the Tahoe area currently cover a broad range of interests, including outdoor recreation, craft beer, board games, French language, metaphysics, meditation, swing dancing and cooking clubs.

Smile and enjoy view of the valley's outrageously red rocks, lush green floor, and the wispy clouds drifting lazily overhead.

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EXPERTS WEIGH INChristian Pedersen and Sonika Tinker, husband and wife relationship experts and cofounders of "Love Works for You," located in the Sierra Foothills in Meadow Vista, Calif., believe dating sites and apps can be useful to find someone with whom to go on a date.

Still, they caution singles not to waste a lot of time doing the actual dating online."Online dating expands the pool of potential partners, but it limits it at the same time," said Pedersen, noting singles often risk missing out on rich and meaningful relationships by being too selective online.

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A benefit of dating at Lake Tahoe, continued, is that dates usually consist of fun activities like mountain biking — though he added the strategy has landed him in the "friend zone" with a few women.