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And why was Banner looking at gamma rays to begin with? Idealistic, empathetic, perceptive, and quick to see possibilities, INFPs want an external life that is consistent with their inner one.

They have the ability to work well alone and focus on one issue or idea in depth.

Bruce Banner/Hulk Is Bruce Banner angry all the time, but just really good at keeping a lid on it?Does anyone remember the Bruce Banner from the 80s T. show, the socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved drifter who said “leave me alone,” yet helped a stranger in every episode at great risk to exposing his terrible secret?They also have a tendency to be impatient with people who are inefficient or uncooperative, such as Wolverine who has the opposite mental function of Cyclops (Cyclops is an NF while Wolverine is an ST).Cyclops believes in Professor X’s vision and wants to be a leader more than anything.INFPs are not good at criticizing others, but they are great at self-reproach, which is physically manifested in various renditions of the Hulk cartoon where Hulk has an obvious hatred of Bruce Banner.

If he weren't so busy trying to find a cure for his raging alter-ego, Bruce Banner would probably be channeling his feelings into poetry or prose or anything dynamic and expressive that doesn't include leveling Brooklyn.

Magneto Driven and ambitious, the ENTJ is the individual most likely to move up the corporate ladder faster than any other type.

They are life’s natural leaders - the CEO's of innovative corporations, creative problem solvers who examine issues objectively.

Beast, for example, is often reading classic literature, such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm, or quoting Lord Tennyson to the bad guys he’s throwing around.

Jubilee Effervescent, enthusiastic, and excited to work with the X-Men, Jubilee is the team's locker room personality with the we can do it! Her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness.

Jean Grey, Beast Insightful, organized, and decisive, INFJs want to understand other people’s motivations.