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If the solution works for you please mark it as answered to help other community members. If the redirect destination replies back with HTTP 404, it does not matter - the cookies are already invalidated by then.HTTP::respond 302 location "https:// \ Set-Cookie "MY_COOKIE_NAME=path=/;; Expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 GMT" \ Set-Cookie "MY_COOKIE_NAME2=path=/;; Expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 GMT" \ Set-Cookie "MY_COOKIE_NAME3=path=/;; Expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 GMT" Sorry but, when try the redirect it says Error 404 not found, how i can verify if my set cookie instruction is wrong and this is the cause of the error 404 ? However, for your solution to work, you must verify that the redirect destination does not re-insert the same cookies you've just invalidated.

And be aware that general wear and tear is not typically covered by your buildings insurance.

Some insurance providers will only pay out for a burglary claim if your home shows signs of forced entry.

Be honest and accurate when you describe them; failure to declare you have no locks could invalidate your policy.

And if you lose your keys, ensure you change the locks as soon as possible – check your policy as you may have cover for replacement locks and keys.

Your provider may place endorsements or special conditions on your policy during the time the work is being carried out to cover for the increased risk.

If you’re making significant alterations to your home, you may need to consider whether the rebuild cost of your home has increased.Your insurance provider’s clause on deliberate damage is likely to extend to include anyone in your home (not just you), so you might want to think twice about inviting around volatile friends and family.Make sure you lock your garage or shed, especially if you have valuable tools inside.Generally speaking, home insurance policies are invalidated by a provider after new information comes to light, which had the provider known about when you originally purchased your policy would have meant they weren’t willing to insure you.That’s why it’s important to give the most accurate information possible when you take out a policy.When it comes to renewing your home insurance, don’t just stick with what you know – there could be a wealth of savings to be made.