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The logic behind the Supper Safari, organised by founder Avril Mulcahy (29), is simple: “Einstein said it’s insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results . Solicitors, sommeliers, band members, radio-show presenters, artists, boutique owners and business people are among the Supper Safari crowd.

Some want to find a partner for life, some want to make new friends, and others simply want to boost their confidence.

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Thirty men and 30 women are first divided into six groups of 10, and then move from restaurant to restaurant for different courses of fine cuisine in the company of single people.

Having signed-up for the Singles Supper Safari Club weeks earlier, the paying customers wait patiently for instructions on each of the restaurants and their next team of talkers. so people are doing different things.” And she should know, having spent several years organising singles events in Australia, before winning ,000 (€15,900) on a game show and deciding to invest it in an events company in Ireland.

Most participants are fearful of a public “badge of desperation” because of past perceptions of lonely-hearts columns and online chatrooms.

This, though, is not the case in one central Dublin bar on a recent Wednesday night.

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Fancy a round of silent speed dating or a supper safari?

ÁINE KERRnavigates the social minefield that is Ireland’s dating scene, and meets the movers and shakers IT’S NOT UNUSUAL for motorists to criss-cross lanes of early morning commuter traffic in Melbourne, Australia to fix their gaze on a bus where people are acting strangely, standing up and swapping seats every five to 10 minutes.

Here in Ireland, singles’ supper clubs, speedy quiz nights, regular table-to-table speed dating, salsa for singles and singles’ countryside walks are appearing on social calendars in towns and cities.

But the events remain a taboo subject among many, carrying a curious stigma that is difficult to articulate.

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