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Rapper 50 Cent is being investigated by the NYPD over an Instagram post that appears to threaten a Brooklyn precinct boss accused of shaking down a hip-hop club, The Post has learned.

Fitty’s reps, though, are countering that the rapper has repeatedly used the phrase as a “playful” jibe. Jackson to punctuate absurd and outrageous situations,” said rep Amanda K.

Ruisi, using the rapper’s given name, Curtis James Jackson III.

Rapper 50 Cent is still complaining about the NYPD on Instagram — and still urging his 18.1 million followers to “get the strap,” the very same gun-slang phrase that got him in hot water as an alleged cop-threatener.

“Every time you see NYPD tell them I said they f–king up the summer. The post ran with a parody video featuring the now-shuttered Brooklyn club, “Love and Lust.” Fitty got in trouble last week for urging his legion of followers to “Get the strap” in response to news accounts that a Sunset Park precinct boss was allegedly squeezing the club’s owner for free stuff. The post prompted a flurry of threatening responses against the precinct boss, Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, who quickly filed a harassment complaint against Fitty that remains under investigation. But he has insisted through his reps that “Get the strap” is a “playful” catch-phrase that he uses so often, he’s even applied to have it federally trademarked.

“Get the strap,” followers jimmykamara and carlarfowler echoed of Fitty’s apparent threats against the CO. The rapper even last month applied to the federal Patent and Trademark Office, in hopes of trademarking the phrase for use on hats and t-shirts.

But it’s got the notorious Internet troller in hot water before.Fitty tagged the club owner, @stardnr, in his post.The rapper’s apparent call to arms inspired a fusillade of threats from his followers — prompting Gonzalez to file a police complaint against Fitty. “Get da burner broski,” posted squeezyweez416, using another slang word for gun.The Sahara tent is now directly next to the entrance and oriented so that it’s wider than it is long, with the option to enter at any location.This is a vast improvement on trying to squeeze yourself through one of several crowded openings alongside sweaty college kids and the rest of the rave crowd, as was necessary in years past.We’d end up making up for that laziness later on in the weekend.