Islamic speed dating

They started sending e-mails to each other and after a month, Zuhri met up with her father.4 months later, they got married and as of today, they have a healthy 1-month old baby boy.When the guy expressed his interest to marry her, she told him to talk to her father. They feel that the traditional style of marriage is the most beautiful thing one can experience and would like to encourage more of that in this world today.

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When I was explicitly told that it was real, I was mindblown.I had plenty of questions about it and if you didn’t know that it was real either, then I bet you have a lot of questions that demand answers as well.Once approved, applicants will be given details of the face-to-face speed dating event.However, unlike conventional speed dating, the woman will be accompanied by a chaperon, also known as the ‘wali’.It started when Norhayati and Zuhri were teasing Syed Azmi about getting married.

Coincidentally, how Norhayati found her husband and how Zuhri found his wife was almost in the same manner of how Halal Speed Dating works.From there, it is up to the candidates to gain the approval of the wali to move to the next step—marriage.Halal Speed Dating is the brainchild of Zuhri Yuhyi, Norhayati Ismail, and Syed Azmi.After the speed dating session is finished, candidates may choose the person they’re interested in and if the feeling is mutual, the candidate will be given the wali’s contact details, not the woman.This is to ensure that the candidate does not go behind the wali and would need to require the wali’s permission to interact with the woman.Interested parties can register and view profiles of other candidates for free on the website.