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The central problem associated with the disposal of fresh feces is its health associated diseases lead by diarrhea.

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Every 100 g of fresh stool contains approximately 70 g water.A large proportion of this fraction will be evaporated due to the energy generated from the oxidation reaction and the final product will be relatively dry and easy to handle.R&D collaboration with Indians Universities and Research Institutes on Innovative Technologies that will be developed and funded all the way to industrialization and commercialization against royalties from sales.The objective of joining the trade delegation is to establish contacts with targeted customers in India and to identify new technologies for the purpose of funding them and develop them all the way to industrial implementation.: Dr Ten BV is a small, fast growing, Israeli-Dutch development company specialized in applied product and project development within the market of water, energy and health.Together they degrade, accumulate, extract, and volatilize contaminants of all kinds in water, soil and the air, resulting in clean and purified outflow.

The NBS is capable of enhancing the quality of water as well as the quality of air and soil simultaneously.We are seeking partnerships with companies that have background in water supply, water metering or smart homes that can enhance our R&D capabilities or local operations.: AYALA Water & Ecology is a company of sustainability experts, specializing in the creation of long lasting ecological systems using natural elements to cure man-made environmental problems.AYALA Water & Ecology offers a thorough set of sustainable planning and practical tools that address and solve aspects of purification, recycling and conservation of water, soils and air.Aqua Rimat is an innovative Hi Tech company that develops a water meter, which includes also water alarm system capabilities- Domestic water management and water damage prevention tools.Our products provide a sophisticated and precise monitoring tool that learns End-users water consumption patterns and helps manage them online.The use of the NBS technology in conjunction with several other sustainable water management techniques allows AYALA to focus not only on a localized solution, but rather on an entire city, watershed or ecosystem, and to create solutions that promote groundwater recharge, flood prevention and restoration of local flora and fauna.