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Make sure to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation.

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For this phrasebook, we use the polite form for all phrases, on the presumption that you'll mostly be talking to people you don't already know. First in dates is the day, then is the month, and last is the year.For example: 23/1/2010 is in letters 23 gennaio 2010.There are different expressions you can use depending on if the situation is formal (business meeting) or informal (meeting someone at a restaurant).Offer polite greetings to friends and associates or as a way to break the ice when meeting new people.Practice using these common Italian greetings: In Italian, the days of the week aren’t capitalized.

Eyeball this table of the days of the week in Italian (along with pronunciations and abbreviations) to ensure you get your days straight while in Italy.To write clock times, the hour is before the minutes. Sono un(una) cittadino(a) americano(a)/australiano(a)/britannico(a)/canadese. (SOH-noh oon(OO-nah) cheet-TAH-dee-noh(ah) ah-meh-ree-KAH-noh(ah)/ ows-trah-LYAH-noh(ah)/ bree-tahn-NEE-koh(ah)/ kah-nah-DEH-zeh) Voglio parlare con l'ambasciata/il consolato Americano/Australiano/Inglese/Canadese.This page contains a table including the following: Italian phrases, expressions and words in Italian, conversation and idioms, Italian greetings, and survival phrases.Unaccented words are normally pronounced with the emphasis on the second to last syllable.Double consonants tend to affect how the preceding vowel is pronounced.It also helps if you simply want to know what to say when chatting in Italian!