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The back massage is followed up by a nice hot towel treatment with the customer being covered from head to toe in warm wet fabric that feels great.The treatment that feels even better usually follows this though the exacts depend on a bit of conversation and negotiation.

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I also can’t figure out why some claim the place is difficult to find since it’s located right along a main road and has a clear and obvious series of signs out front.Taizhilian Spa is situated on Minquan East Road between a bedding shop and another store selling appliances.The Xingtian Temple MRT Station is within walking distance and most taxis can also find their way there when provided with the address.The shop has a blue front with items from a beach scene like palm trees scattered on it.They are large enough for the task at hand though they are small enough that a customers leg may hit up against one of the walls during a stretch.

The rooms are pretty safe and secure though one can occasionally hear sounds emanating from the other massage rooms or the hallways outside.

) seems to be one of the most well known massage parlors for foreigners visiting or living in Taipei.

English speakers refer to it by all sorts of alternative names including 75 Massage and Blue Minquan Massage but I’m not exactly sure why.

Most are from Vietnam but have been in Taiwan long enough to speak a good amount of the local language. The women range in age though I’d guess that the majority are in their 30’s even if they purport to be in twenty-somethings.

Fairly slim and fit bodies are the norm and good amount of silicone is carried by quite a few.

After showering customer make their way back to the room in their towel.