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During the final weeks of 2012, James Blake performed three "intimate" shows where he debuted new songs.

Later that year, Blake released both the Enough Thunder and Love What Happened Here EPs in 2011.

By the time of his 2011 debut album, Blake's vocals and piano had become more prominent while traditional song structures became increasingly apparent, reflecting the influence of gospel, soul, and ambient music.

His second album Overgrown (2013) continued this trend, integrating an electronic approach with balladry and Blake's soul-inflected vocals, and featuring contributions from hip hop artist RZA and electronic musician Brian Eno.

Also in 2012, Blake and friends (including Foat, Nick Sigsworth, and touring musicians Rob Mc Andrews and Ben Assiter) secured a residency at the club Plastic People as the collective 1–800 Dinosaur, hosting a series of impromptu dance nights.

The album features guest appearances from noted electronic music producer Brian Eno and Wu-Tang Clan producer and rapper RZA, and Chance The Rapper and further developed the song-based R&B work of his previous releases.

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