Javascript updating form data

At that time, the data is submitted through a submit data connection that saves the information in an external data source, such as a Share Point form library. For example, as the form designer, when you save a form, your progress developing the form is saved so that you can continue to work on it later, just like when saving a Word document.

Likewise, when a user is filling out a form, they can save the form in order to save their progress filling out the form in order to be able to return to the form later.

For information regarding customizing a Share Point list form, see Customize a Share Point list form.This is an advanced programming option that requires the use of custom code and, as a result, is not covered here.So today I needed content in a div to refresh every 5 seconds so I decided to do a quick demo to show you how it can be done.It initially loads the content using AJAX shorthand method .load() and then simply sets a recurring call for the data every 5 seconds.When I exit the Form Editing mode, the certificate shows March 28, 2011. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on a solution.

Adding a submit data connection enables a user to submit the information that they entered into the form to the specified data source after they are done.When I put the pdf in Form Editing mode, I right click on the form field I called Today's Date. Select Format Category = Date and I've chosen mmmm d, yyyy.And the example of current format always shows correctly, for today it displays april 6, 2011. To do that, go into forms editing mode (Forms Document Java Scripts), add a new one, delete the function skeleton is provides you by default, and enter the following code: // Document-level script to update text field with current dateget Field("your_date").value = util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date()); Note: I'm using this format: mmmm d, yyyy I've also tried copying a form field from a certificate where the field is updating to today's date correctly and pasting it on my current pdf, but that current pdf still won't update today's date..still shows March 28, 2011.The demo displays the latest blog posts from the rss feed on my blog and displays the date and time for the latest data refresh.I’ve also hooked up a loading image for the AJAX requests using $Setup() but this is optional if you didn’t want to see a loading image you could remove this code or even display a smaller loading image so the data is still visible on screen while the new data is loading asynchronously.For an overview of data connections, see Data connections overview.