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Deanna Pappas may not have found her happy ending on “The Bachelorette,” after calling off her engagement to snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, but the show was not a complete loss.

Of course, her number two choice, Jason Mesnick, is currently taking his spin on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” hoping to find his own happy ending.

article we found a way to rank the snowboarders who have the most influence on our sport.

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star married high school teacher Stephen Stagliano on Saturday in Palmetto, Ga. Viewers will remember that Pappas got engaged to her season’s winning bachelor professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak in 2008.

STORY: ' The Bachelor:' Ben Flajnik's First Promo Photo "We're so ecstatic to be husband and wife and we're thrilled to be sharing this day with all our family and friends,” the couple tells US Weekly in a joint statement.

Worth, TX) have become extremely close friends and recently hooked up for a ski reunion weekend in Jesse’s hometown of Breckenridge, Colorado. “There is the occasional reference to that little known show that brought us together,” Richard says.

“As soon as we were legally allowed to talk to one another we were on the phone and email and My Space and texting each other, talking about all the insanity that was our whirlwind ‘Bachelorette’ experience,” Brian told me. “But for the most part it focuses on what guys talk about every time we get together, how to fix the BCS!

Let’s compare him against two A-List snowboarding celebrities; Shaun White and Jesse’s friend Louie Vito (who’s probably B-list celebrity outside of the snowboarding world, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish) If you run a Google search for ‘Jesse Csincsak’ and you ignore the sites he runs himself, you have to wade through 14 pages (132 sites) before you’ll find him mentioned on a site that is even remotely snowboard focused ( is a timeline of people searching for information on Jesse Csincsak and Louie Vito.

Two of the three peaks in the searches for Louie Vito are snowboard-related, but none of the things Jesse Csincsak is famed for involve snowboarding.

She seems like a very mature and responsible person and would make a great partner and seems to be a great mother already.” Jesse believes Lauren or Melissa would be a good fit but adds that he hopes Jason will pick, “the girl best suited for him.” But when I asked whom the others thought Jason would pick, the choice was unanimous. It’s all over the Internet and nothing on the Internet can be wrong, right? According to Jeremy, “ABC all but showed us who it was and she seems to have a fun and quirky personality that Jason would be attracted to.

They make a great match.” As for their own love matches, after a bumpy start when the show ended, Jeremy is currently dating a girl from Dallas.

Women who get super excited to watch the romantic dates play out, women who can relate to the process, and women who have a front-row view of all the action and are learning a thing or two about love as they create it.

But since the role of producer is often veiled in mystery, I caught up with four of the women who make our Monday nights so much fun to get the inside scoop on what they do and find out what dating wisdom they've gleaned from giving us the best two hours of entertainment currently on television (#Emmy Snub).

Guy code, you know.” Now that’s a true “Bachelor” bromance!