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In the previous sections we've learned about the Net Beans Nodes API.

From what we have seen you may think that Net Beans Nodes are similar to Swing's Tree Nodes, that are visual representations of "user objects" or entities. Net Beans Nodes are much more powerful, as we'll see all allong the way.

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In Swing each UI component has an associated "model" that holds both the data you want to represent and the internal state of the UI component.

For instance, a JTree uses a Tree Model, a JList uses a List Model, a JTable uses a Table Model, a JButton uses a Button Model, etc.

We are now ready to start reviewing some of the most important Net Beans UI components, and how to use them in our Swing applications.

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Developing UI components in Net Beans is usually easier because most Net Beans UI components use just a single "model": an Explorer Manager.

So when you build an user interface with Net Beans you just use a single model: When doing Swing you set the Table Model (Tree Model, List Model) within the JTable UI Component (JTree, JList) you want to populate with data by invoking the "set Model" method on the component.Note that we've only covered very basic functionalities of the Net Beans Explorer Manager idiom.There are more advanced concepts that you can exploit in standalone Swing applications, such as how to integrate Explorer Managers with Input Maps or how to make them participate in Net Beans selection model.The #Anime FMK Spring 2018 Anime F**kbuddy Awards are here! It's Earthfall, available now on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One! There must be a way for Net Beans UI components to find the model they should render.