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Russia didnt have the Middle Ages of Dante and Chaucer, the Renaissance of the Italians, or the Elizabethan age of the British. Pushkin more or less created the Russian literary language, and Pushkin was born in 1799.

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Morgan Neville’s Fred Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

launched over the weekend in more than two dozen theaters, however, grossing 0K for a friendly ,168 average, one of the best of the year for a non-fiction opening.

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But then you research it a little more, and discover...

that it was invented by a Los Angeles advertising executive in 1989?Gravitas opened Half The Picture with an exclusive run, grossing ,529.Last weekend’s specialty topper, American Animals, added dozens of runs in its second frame, grossing 4,829.Convincingly well-done Retraux is a common factor in this trope.See also Dead Unicorn Trope, where a trope that is thought of as old and Clich wasn't actually present in the original work.It may also tie into Our Monsters Are Different, as many "standard rules" seem like they should come from folklore and legends, but really come from more recent media.