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He briefly worked for Bear Stearns on Wall Street before returning to Queens College for a semester in early 1988.

He dropped out of college for good (a few credits shy of completing his degree), and in the summer of 1988, moved to Chicago to pursue a career in comedy.

He performed at several Chicago improvisational theaters, including the Improv Olympic and the Improv Institute.

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Also in 2003, Favreau had a small part in Something's Gotta Give (a film starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson); Favreau played Leo, Harry Sanborn's (Nicholson) personal assistant, who visited Harry in the hospital.Among Favreau's latest projects, he has directed the film adaptation of Zathura (2005).Robert Rodriguez and Kerry Conran were previously attached within the last two years.Mark Protosevich and Ehren Kruger have both written drafts.Favreau met Vince Vaughn—who also played a small role in this film—during shooting.

The next year, he appeared in the college film PCU alongside Jeremy Piven, and also stepped into the world of television in the 1994 episode of Seinfeld titled "The Fire" as Eric the Clown.Johnny Zero will cover the birth of the hot rod movement following World War II. Iron Man was the first Marvel-produced movie under their alliance with Paramount, and Favreau served as the director and an executive producer.He recently told MTV that he would like to be at the helm of an Avengers film.Never to turn his back on acting, Favreau still makes regular appearances in film and television.He recently reunited with friend Vince Vaughn in the much-hyped hit romantic comedy The Break-Up, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, and appeared in My Name Is Earl as a reprehensible fast food manager.Jonathan Kolia "Jon" Favreau (born October 19, 1966) is an American actor, screenwriter and film director.