Junkmail dating

It shows that it's working the way it's supposed to.

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That means over 50% of that original flood will have no ongoing effect on your inbox.

Moving on to the rest: Some business send e-mail promotions more often than others.

If you find your email flooded with a sudden burst of spam messages, it's worth taking some extra security precautions.

Using your email system's spam filtering and alert tools, mark the suspicious messages as Junk or as Phishing (scam) emails.

Re-Google the names and note the real domain name for each company's link.

Check the "unsubscribe" link in the e-mail to see that it starts ( ends) with the same domain name.So you will not see "spam" from all of them right away, but you likely will within 10 days or so.Start with the obvious "welcome to our list" mails.If the names match, you are very likely safe using that link to unsubscribe.There is a silver lining to this cloud: Because you never got to a "phishing" site while dealing with this, now your e-mail address is seen as unresponsive and the evildoers will move on to exploit the ones that did reply.(Try to avoid actually opening the e-mail, just in case it has a malware script embedded in it.) Now go directly to the business' website from the Google link, and look for a "contact us" link.