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Please either change or tell me how to change my email on your records.

My Von’s card number is 600315 5106XXXX Sincerely, (661) 251-XXXX Bernard Halio Cyn Cty 91387 Reply Dear Von’s: Your new website looks great.

That tells me that the store simply doesn’t care about what the customers think. You see, we live in a country where the store has competition (not that it would be difficult to compete with such lazy and ineffective service).So, Since this last visit, I’ve made the definitive decision that I will never again walk into Vons. This isn’t just a store issue, it’s a corporate one. I’ve done this before and that restaurant hasn’t seen a dime of my money since 1991. But, at least I have the peace of mind knowing I won’t be wasting my money supporting what I see as one of the worst active companies in business.Reply Hello Vons, Regarding- the bakery Sheephearder bread and produce I live in Sylmar Ca. I grew up eating Sheephearder Bread from a local bakery, when it closed we were devastated. Seem they in a task to run your company out of business and eventually they will.But it turned out Vons bakery in Sylmar had almost the same perfect recipe and the same baker by chance. The crust is soft and more sugar must of been added because it burns in seconds. Not thinking that when they reach their goal there will not be a paycheck any longer because they would have ruin your company if you look trend in your West Hollywoodstore, you will be surprise how many people you have lost, you get the traveling clients, but every day your employees chase the residents and real clients away.The confirmation email used to show the changes in a separate box placed at the top of your list, which made it much easier to track the changes than reading through your entire original list to find the changes as is the case now.

BUT the biggest problem you have is this: The customer gets the confirmation email or e-mails saying that the changes have been made to the original list, and indeed, they are even listed as being in the customer’s original list (See No. BUT the changes somehow don’t make it to the people who pick out the groceries. It’s a great service but I’m seriously considering having Walmart deliver my groceries in the future. Change your internet provider or update your computers, this isn’t rocket science peeps. Typically I don’t file complaints but I feel the need to now as it could make the public sick.The supermarket chain has 225 stores in California and another 20 locations in Nevada. Answer 1: The phone number for Vons is (925) 467-3000. Why would they stop selling a deal that is still going to be in town another two weeks? Lazy, inconsiderate and undertrained customer service. But the minute a competitor arrives, they’ll wake up, I’m sure. It surprises me is that there are so many negative reviews of this store, yet nothing changes. I’m usually a bit frustrated by the complete disorganization of this store. It wasn’t until it was time to pay they told us they’d run out and were no longer selling those tickets.My most recent order was an estimated 5.56 I believe.When I was actually charged for my order it came to 0.There’s one problem that I have tried explaining over and over and as succinctly as possible to your customer service reps and it’s a big one. Sometime later (a couple of hours or a couple of days) you open up your shopping cart to delete or add some items. You get a confirmation email that lists the changes.