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The series earned critical acclaim throughout its run, and, although it definitely had its low points, the show's highs far outweighed its lesser moments.

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earned many fans throughout its eight-season run thanks to its frank take on the marijuana industry.

Viewers were able to follow Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin as she transformed from grieving widow to drug kingpin, resulting in misadventures and wild plotlines as she traveled from Agrestic to Ren Mar to Mexico to Washington to New York City (and everywhere in between).

Elizabeth Perkins, who played Celia to perfection throughout the show's first five seasons, earned two Golden Globe nominations and three Emmy nominations for her efforts, although she tragically never took home an award.

Perkins' charisma and talent made it easy for her to land roles after she left the show, and, after a guest appearance on Andy Milder often got the short end of the stick in his role as Celia's put-upon husband Dean Hodes, but the actor still played the part with aplomb throughout the entirety of the show's run.

Parker followed up Weeds with an appearance in the ill-received Ryan Reynolds action film .

Despite receiving mostly positive critical reception, the show was canceled after one season, and revival efforts faltered.

However, he still snagged a part, playing one of the humans whose truck gets hijacked at the end of the film.

Gould also attended the premiere of the movie and posed with the new Nemo, Hayden Rolence.

We’re in our fourth season, and I think that the thing about the show is - the essential storyline is the continuing rise of Nancy Botwin through the ranks of criminality.

The first season of her selling dime bags to college kids now seems sort of quaint, you know, with what the show’s become.

Díaz's role as the damaged former assassin Huck has earned him three Image Award nominations and an ALMA Award nomination.